The Power of Flower Essences

By Gina Kearney

It is also important to recognize that we have an energetic body that can hold and store trauma and negative experiences. Often, when we cannot release these blockages, they manifest into physical dis-eases. 

Like humans, plants also have an energy or “signature .” According to Flower Essence Repertory, “Flower essence is not simply an extract of the substance in the blossom; it is a distillation of the wholebeing of the plant. It is at the moment of flowering that the highest soul-spiritual expression of the plant surfaces.” 

So, what are flower essences? Flower essences are part of “energy medicine”; they are liquid extracts that promote emotional well-being by working in our energetic field. They move stored trauma or blockages that may be holding us back from healing.

Flower essences are created using water, flowers, and alcohol (brandy). 

What Can Flower Essences Be Used For?

Flower essences can be used for a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Anxiety, shock, stress, anger, brokenheartedness
  • Clarity, change, balance
  • Empathy, doubt, depression
  • Empowerment, trust, calm
  • Fear, indecision, Insomnia
  • Joy, manifestation, motivation
  • Perfectionism, self-acceptance
  • Release, relaxation
  • Work and career goals

How Do I Know I Am Using The Correct Flower Essence?

There is a process behind selecting the right flower essence for ourselves and others. The key is understanding the person as a whole, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Flower Essences For Stress


Chamomile flower essence is indicated for those experiencing emotional tension/ heightened emotions, negativity, disappointment, or anger. Physically, it can be used for those who experience headaches or migraines that improve with a cold compress but worsen with heat.


Impatiens flower essence is indicated for those who are easily frustrated or irritated and have difficulty “going with the flow .” Are you the kind of person who makes lists and has to stick to those to-do lists on a daily basis? Impatiens encourages you to enjoy everyday rhythms and flow with time rather than trying to beat the clock.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is a go-to flower essence for those experiencing severe stress and tension – and even shock. The positive qualities of this flower essence include unity and a sense of wholeness and comfort.

Flower Essences For Overwhelm

Canyon Dudleya

Canyon dudleya flower essence is recommended for individuals feeling overtired by life’s events. 

Pink Yarrow

Pink yarrow flower essence benefits healthcare providers, caregivers, and even healers who frequently bear the emotional burdens of others. Pink yarrow aids in the formation of appropriate emotional boundaries, allowing us to avoid taking on the feelings of others.


Hornbeam flower essence is indicated for those who feel a lack of energy, overburdened by the tasks of everyday life. Someone who is exhausted from too many responsibilities. This flower essence helps you to regain a healthy state of energy and enthusiasm for life and its challenges.

Flower Essences For Perfectionism


Agrimony flower essence is often used for “the people pleaser” perfectionist. The person who hides their worries with a smile and avoids their feelings to appear emotionally stable has a hard time being vulnerable. This flower essence allows the person to show up emotionally, assisting them in transforming pain into peace.


Centaury flower essence is indicated for the person who has difficulty saying no. They are bossed around by others, their needs, and their standards. Centaury teaches you how to balance servitude while expanding your consciousness of self-love and self-responsibility.


Dandelion flower essence can be used in situations where a person has a hard time adapting to change. This essence is for the kind of person who is go-go-go: the overachiever and perfectionist type. Physically, this essence can also be helpful for those feeling tension in the muscular body from overwork or worry.

Flower Essences For Mindfulness


Peppermint flower essence helps clear mental lethargy; it’s for those who are looking for increased mental focus.


Rosemary is indicated for those who are feeling forgetful and lack mental clarity. It can be used to restore warmth and vitality spiritually and physically. 

Flower Essences For Empowerment


Many people experience anxiety about the unknown; it keeps them paralyzed and unable to move forward, whether in their career or personal life. Aspen flower essence is indicated for those who are afraid of taking risks and cannot take action. Aspen encourages the trust of the unknown and equips you with the confidence to move through that fear to manifest your dreams.


Borage flower essence is ideal for those who lack self-confidence and are feeling disheartened and depressed. Its positive qualities include courage, optimism, and confidence.


Like the spicy herb, cayenne flower essence helps spark the motivation and transformation of those who use it. The cayenne flower essence is indicated for people feeling stagnant in their life. 

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