Recycling Bins of the Future, How to Be Your Own Recycling Center

By Ariana

Curious if the products you’re putting into your recycling bins actually get recycled? It’s a valid concern.

Our current recycling system is broken: Globally, just 2% of materials are closed-loop recycled. Specifically, plastic materials. This means most plastic will almost never be recycled into the same thing or something similar.  

Recycling plastic is more of an open loop system: It gets made into a different product. But even that isn’t guaranteed as the recycling rate for plastic is incredibly low.  

Imagine the year is 2060: Your car is solar powered, your home is net zero, and your recycling bins are completely intuitive. Envision a world where everything gets recycled properly and how much waste that would cut down on. 

Enter Lasso Loop: The world’s first 100% closed-loop in-home recycling appliance.

Good news is you don’t have to wait: You can have the recycling bins of the future today! Here’s how to be your own recycling center. Sign up to stay in the loop around pre-ordering your Lasso!

What are the problems with recycling?  

Recycling isn’t a perfect system. But out of all the materials, plastic is the hardest one to recycle properly.  

We’ve made over 8.3 billion tons of plastic since its initial creation in the 1950s. Of that, only 9% has actually gotten recycled and the rest has been landfilled, incinerated, or entered our environment.

When plastic gets in our waterways and soils, it leeches toxins that pollute. It also poses a direct threat to animals who may mistake it for food and accidently ingest it. 

Is lasso loop the recycling of the future?  

Lasso Loop changes the recycling game because they waste nothing. They’re the world’s first at-home recycling solution that senses if your item is recyclable, washes it free of contaminants, and grinds it up for compact storage.  

Unlike traditional recycling, you won’t have to worry if your products will just end up in a landfill somewhere. The Lasso’s closed loop recycling system makes sure to never downcycle anything either.

And no, there’s no need to worry about weekly collections – When storage is approaching maximum capacity, the Lasso automatically notifies you via the smartphone app. Collection is estimated to be just 3-8 times per year. If your Lasso isn’t full, Lasso Loop is not going to require pickup!

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